posted on 2010-09-04

It is nice having infrastructure in place. It makes doing stuff so much easier:

Last week I was sitting at work and slacking of for a moment (yeah, yeah) and browsed through my Google Reader. When I found a longish article I wanted to read but knew that this was neither the time nor the place for it, I send it to my kindle.

I have a cups-pdf printer running on my home-server that is wired to send the resulting pdf-files to my kindles email-address (For all who don't know this: Every kindle has an email-address. Amazon converts every document sent to this address to a pdf-file and then you can download it to your kindle. This service is free if you use your own WiFi to connect the kindle to the internet). To access this printer I dialed into my vpn: Presto, the printer showed up in the printing dialog (cups is really cool in that respect) and a few minutes later I got the mail saying that my documents where ready to be downloaded with the kindle.

And later that evening I could read the article sitting on my couch, petting my cat. Without the pang of guilt that I was reading stuff on the companies time. And knowing that this was made easy by my obsession with creating infrastructure.

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