How to keep track of what you are reading on your kindle


posted on 2010-10-20

I have a large number of articles from the internet on my kindle (see Infrastructure).

Since the kindles default (and most useful) sorting is "most recent first" and "most recent" means either "most recently read" or "most recentl added" it sometimes is confusing which article I am reading at the moment. For example, if I leave the current article to check something on wikipedia and while browsing have to stop reading (which happens, as I use the kindle mostly during commute), the article will be sorted on top. If I then add new material to the kindle it gets sorted on top.

Here is the workflow I use now:

1. Select a new file to read

2. Press the right-button

3. Add the article to the collection "current"

4. Don't press "done" to go back to the file-menu, but the back-button

5. Select "Goto beginning"

6. Read

7. Press the back-button, you will get to the file-menu

8. Select "Delete"

No more confusion, what to read and which file it is in!

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