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The "Tourieentferner" used to merge multiple Images to one Image. For every Pixel, a "majority-vote" decides from which original picture the pixel is taken. Things, that are only visible on a minority of the images are not copied into the new image. This makes it possible to remove e.g. tourists from the picture of a building, if you assume, that most tourists move more than the building. It is certainly useful, to take the pictures from a tripod and be careful, that no tourist stays at the same place in most pictures. Of course, you should not expect wonders: If the colors of the building and the colors of the clothing of one tourist are similar, it could happen, that the software makes the wrong decisions.

If you provide the command line option "-k" (keep), the program takes for each pixel the color, that is furthest away from the "majority-color".

The program expects a list of input-files as argument. In Windows or Unix this can be achieved with the command prompt:
> tourieentferner c:\path\to\the\pictures\*.jpg
$ tourieentferner /path/to/the/picures/*.jpg
Additionally you can take multiple files an drag them onto the program (or a link to the program). The output file is placed as "out.jpg" in the parent folder of the first input file by default. In the examples above that would be the file c:\path\to\the\out.jpg or /path/to/the/out.jpg. With the option "-o" another output file or folder can be provided.

Every ten rows of the original jpeg-files the programs prints how many rows are processed and how many there are to process. This can be turned of by giving "-q" as option.

Warning: the program is still under development (and will stay there very long). It does not even check, whether all the input-files are the same dimensions.

Andreas Niggemann created a GUI for Windows. It can be downloaded here. Thanks for your help!
Just copy the file "tegui.exe" into the directory containing the "tourieentferner.exe".


3th August 2009 Put the needed .dll-files into the Archive for Windows
5th February 2009 Changed some things. The program should now run much faster.
15th March 2007 Added the GUI of A. Niggemann
7th March 2007 Added Mac OS X Universal Binary
5th March 2007 Added the option "-q" for quieter output.
Added the option -k" (see above).
4th March 2007 Added the option "-o" to select the output file
3th March 2007 The program can now write TIFF-files. The output is called "out.tiff". Select by adding "-t" as option.


(Contains a prject-file for dev-cpp for Windows and a Makefile for each Linux, BSD and Max OS X)
Binaries for Windows:
GUI for Windows (The Binaries are needed!):
Binaries for Mac OS X:


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